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Over the past several years, some 2,000 restaurants in the UK have gone out of business. High rent, taxes & food prices are making it increasingly difficult for restaurant owners to turn a profit. However, these reasons aren’t the only ones that are causing restaurants to go bankrupt. Many restaurateurs believe that failure to pay enough attention to a brand can also result in their establishments going.bust

Lawyer Rosalyn Newsom advises restaurateurs seeking to register a brand in Great Britain to pay attention to the following characteristics of a brand.

Being creative & standing out from the crowd is very important. You also need to take care of the protection of IP rights in Great Britain & the EU (e.g. TMs, domain names & social media accounts). Please keep in mind that if you’ve created a unique menu or interior/exterior for your restaurant, you have the opportunity to apply for IP protection in Great Britain.


After ensuring protection of IP rights in the EU or Great Britain, you can focus on expanding your clientele base & building customer loyalty.

A good example here would be a restaurant chain called Pret a Manger. Having grown from a small cafe to a global network, it was the first to use cardboard boxes as packaging for their sandwiches. Pret a Manger also created a charitable foundation whose main goal is to reduce poverty & help the homeless in Great Britain. In 2019, the company expanded its empire by acquiring the Eats food chain. The owners of Pret a Manger have plans to convert most of the Eats restaurants into vegetarian ones & thus attract even more customers.


Nando's and Pizza Express are the two retailers that have successfully diversified their businesses. Both companies are now selling food products through major supermarket chains. Pizza Express sells over thirty five million pizzas in UK supermarkets each year.


The more creative brand owners are, the less likely it is that they will encounter problems with other brands. Creativity can also help them make the process of registering a brand in Great Britain a lot simpler. Investing in creative brands & protecting IP in the EU is critical to brand success. For example, Pizza Express was having problems obtaining TM protection in the EU because the local regulators found its name too descriptive & non-unique. That is precisely why understanding how a brand will be perceived in other countries and whether it will be possible to register it in accordance with local legislation is so important.

To sum up, companies seeking to protect IP in Europe or Great Britain can:

  • register a TM in the EU or Great Britain, which is unique & dissimilar to their competitors’ TMs ;
  • conduct an effective marketing campaign;
  • protect registered & unregistered TM in Great Britain.

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