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Registering a trademark in the EU is one of the most important stages in brand formation. The first thing business owners planning to register a trademark in Europe need to do is determine whether a brand reflects their business identity & ensures strong legal protection.

Brand Registration in the EU

Many companies fail to recognize the simple fact that brand structure is just as essential as any other component of successful business. For example, a brand can embody its owner's core values & business philosophy. Designed to last for a long time, brand registration in Europe also reflects the vision of business owners & their future goals.

By registering a European brand, its owners get more than just a logo but also an image, reputation & recognition of the company's TM & products. And because a brand is central to a business identity, it’s absolutely important to make sure that it’s distinctive & used correctly as a TM.

TM Protection in the EU & Other Jurisdictions

Quite often, companies start developing or redesigning their own brand without bothering to check its legal validity. Instead, they prefer to hire marketing or branding agencies and let them handle the entire process. However, if a brand is unprotected from copycats or competitors, it ends up being worthless & fails to live up to its owners’ high expectations.

Entrepreneurs considering registering a trademark in the EU, Asia or the US (or rebranding), are, therefore, strongly recommended to seek the advice of a highly experienced trademark specialist who can ensure that their new brand is built on a solid legal foundation.

By ordering legal advice on the regulation of trademarks in the EU from IQ Decision UK, you can gain a deeper insight into the protection of trademarks in Europe and be able to successfully settle a trademark dispute in the UK, Spain and other European countries.