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Transactional law

The legal framework of different countries can vary greatly. Accordingly, the rules for drafting commercial agreements and the specifics of contracts differ in each jurisdiction. For this reason, before entering into any transaction, it is necessary to carefully study all the possible risks, pros and cons of each financial transaction, which will be displayed on the contract. Transactional law deals with such issues, and transactional lawyers who support various types of transactions help clients.

What is transactional law?

Transactional law is a branch that is related to business and commerce. Transactional lawyers help clients conduct due diligence on a company before buying or selling, conclude an agreement and resolve issues without bringing them to court.


Specialists accompany transactions and advise clients on various contractual nuances. All legal advisers, regardless of the direction of the business, deal with contracts and representation in negotiations.

Transactional lawyers provide initial consulting, determine the type of agreement and agree on the terms of the contract and the obligations of its participants, draw up a contract, taking into account all the requirements of the legal norms of a particular country, conduct due diligence on a commercial contract that was drawn up by the other party.

Who requires the assistance of a transactional lawyer?

If you have a project, interactional lawyers can recommend the best bargain. This is particularly essential in implementing changes that will be discussed with customers and investors. The process starts with a thorough check and continues throughout the transaction. Our legal experts handle legal issues throughout the company's life cycle, allowing you to focus on the company's development and growth without being distracted by other issues.

A legal consultant will assist you in the preparation of agreements that you will need to achieve your goals and objectives, regardless of whether your company is a start-up or an operating company.

Principal types of agreements:

  • concerning partnership; 
  • non-disclosure of information; 
  • employee suggestions; 
  • customer deliveries; 
  • the purchase and sale of securities; 
  • software development, license agreements; 
  • co-branding; 
  • real estate transactions; 
  • contracts for loans, pledges, and guarantees.

Each of the above agreements is required for the company's full operation in the field of business. Legal professionals help clients with the sale and purchase of a business, mergers with other companies, and gaining access to international stock exchanges through an IPO. A due diligence procedure is carried out by qualified lawyers to ensure that the parties have provided complete information and have not concealed important facts.

The concept of "legal support of transactions" also includes representing the client's interests in negotiations with his partners, co-founders, and government bodies, as well as drafting a workable contract that takes into account business, financial, and economic aspects. Because commercial contract drafting necessitates legal knowledge, it is preferable to seek the qualified assistance of specialized specialists in order to prepare a document that takes into account all nuances.

A transactional lawyer can help.

Daily transactions are required by the realities of modern life. They can be associated with a variety of transactions including loan, sale, lease, donation, and many others. The procedure for preparing contracts for the sale of shares, as well as transactions for the purchase, reorganization, and creation of legal entities, is also in high demand among investors and foreign entrepreneurs.

Different countries' laws imply the existence of various types of contracts. Each jurisdiction requests that its own rules for drafting commercial contracts be followed, and these rules differ from one another. Furthermore, you can enter into contracts that are not provided for but are not prohibited by local law.

Drafting an agreement is a critical and responsible step in the formation of business relationships that is frequently overlooked by companies and individuals. Transaction lawyers have a wealth of experience drafting commercial contracts. A properly drafted agreement can protect the parties from future legal issues and disputes.

Legal aid includes the following:

  • Primary examination.
  • Choosing the type of contract and determining the main requirements
  • Elaboration of all conditions for the preparation of an agreement, taking into account local legislation.
  • Assist with the creation of a draft agreement.
  • Providing the final version of the contract with all necessary changes.
  • Conducting a legal review of the contract provided by the other party.

A service can also be ordered to complete an existing contract. Details will be discussed in person with the client. Furthermore, specialized specialists can accompany clients during the contract negotiation and signing process.

How can our team help?


Legal advisers of our company advise clients and provide comprehensive support in the preparation of contracts for domestic and international trade. We analyze the compliance of concluding contracts with the norms and principles of international law. After signing the contract, we are ready to represent the interests of the customer in arbitration and litigation. In addition, we provide consulting services to clients on the protection of the company's intellectual property assets.

For our specialists, the legal security of clients is a paramount task. For this reason, in the process of preparing a contract, we analyze the subject matter of the contract, check the authority of business partners, prepare preliminary contracts and represent the interests of clients in negotiations.

No matter what type of transaction you want to carry out, it will always involve a number of risks that are not obvious at first glance. Legal support of the transaction will help to minimize the risks and eventually reach the desired result.

Any company's life cycle includes numerous stages of growth and development. Whatever type of transaction you want to make, it is worth seeking legal assistance in drafting an agreement on the transaction being made, as this is one of the most important aspects of the transaction's success.


What exactly is transactional law?

The various substantive legal areas that affect the negotiation and drafting of documents in connection with business transactions are referred to as transaction law. Transactional law focuses on the conclusion, negotiation, verification, execution, or termination of business transactions.


Why do you require the services of a business lawyer?

A transaction lawyer assists businesses with various contracts and agreements. A transaction law specialist assists his client by drafting wills, powers of attorney, concluding contracts, and filling out documents.


What does transaction law entail?

A transaction law lawyer assists businesses and entrepreneurs in the process of concluding such contracts:

  • nondisclosure agreements; 
  • contracts with partners and suppliers; 
  • contracts with clients; 
  • merger and acquisition agreements; 
  • agreements relating to the purchase of a business or a stake in it; 
  • license and franchise agreements; 
  • credit and financing agreements; 
  • lease agreements, real estate acquisition contracts, and so on.
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