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Having a corporate lawyer plays a key role in ensuring successful operation of any company. Their responsibilities may include legal support of transactions, dispute resolution, litigation, and preparation of regulatory documents. Below you will find several areas in which a corporate lawyer can be useful.

Commercial Disputes

Despite all precautions undertaken by companies, commercial disputes can arise at any time. Companies may face problems connected to relations with employees, business partners, investors & customers.

And that is precisely what corporate lawyers specialize in - settlement of commercial disputes. After analyzing the situation, they will suggest the most optimal solution & provide legal support in resolving a commercial dispute. Corporate lawyers may also represent the interests of the company in litigation if peaceful resolutions have been exhausted.

Establishing a Company

Creating & registering a business is associated with tedious paperwork. In addition to registering a company, it is necessary to take into account all legal, tax and financial aspects, including reporting obligations & employees’ rights. The corporate lawyer will choose the most suitable business structure by taking into consideration all relevant legislation & company charters.

Succession Planning

Succession planning plays a major role in effectively going out of business due to the sale or transfer of ownership. The planning process may include the protection and restructuring of the assets of the company and promotion of the company’s M&As. To ensure higher efficiency, a corporate lawyer interacts with tax and property lawyers.

Corporate Governance

Local regulations of an organization have the same power as legal regulations. Properly compiling them plays a big role in a success or failure of a company. In addition, all business activities of an enterprise should be perfectly legal and based on legal acts. The corporate lawyer will, therefore, take care of the legal base of the company and its compliance.

Debt & Equity Financing

Expanding a company requires considering various financing options and types of capital. This may include structuring and raising startup capital, negotiating debt transactions, and resolving bankruptcy cases. An experienced corporate lawyer will help you choose the best option for financing the company and provide legal assistance in raising capital.


Buying or selling your own company is a long and thorough process. It is very important to ensure that the rights and interests of both parties are respected, which is why legal support in M&A transactions is indispensable. The lawyer considers matters related to restructuring and reorganization, mergers of public and private companies, and problems experienced by joint companies.


Any business centres around transactions between the company and its customers, employees and other interested parties. Each case requires its own approach and its own legal regulation. Therefore, it is important to manage each of them effectively and in accordance with legal standards. Legal assistance in the preparation of all regulatory documents will save the company from lengthy and costly litigation in the future.

Seeking to resolve a commercial dispute? IQ Decision UK lawyers can provide legal advice on resolving commercial disputes and mediation services in Europe or other jurisdictions.