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In their day-to-day operation, technology companies often encounter multiple problems. Modern technology is constantly evolving and these changes can lead to all kinds of misuses, including misuse of IP rights. The Technology Act is there to help technology companies handle legal problems arising from the mishandling of technology. So, what is the Technology Act all about?


The majority of claims handled by courts today center around IP rights. Protecting IP rights is all about protecting intangible property, which includes copyrighted trademarks, works & patents. Because modern technology is evolving rapidly, companies need to take good care of protecting their IP. Therefore, quite a few of them are seeking assistance of lawyers that specialize in technology legislation and can protect their interests.

The Technology Act consists of several areas of law including trademarks, confidentiality, trade secrets & licensing.

Confidentiality & Data Safety

If companies cannot protect confidentiality of their staff or consumers, they are bound to encounter legal consequences, and that, in turn, can lead to costly litigation. Since most data today is stored on digital media, it makes them vulnerable to theft. If cybercriminals hack into corporate databases and steal sensitive data, it often results in class action lawsuits being  filed. Data theft like this doesn’t only affect a few people - sometimes gigabytes & terabytes of personal information end up being stolen at the same time.

Software Licensing

Providing customers with more advanced software can result in higher profits. However, this can also lead to all kinds of legal problems. Developing a piece of software, even a tiny one, requires considering a lot of things, including troubleshooting, installation & guarantees. Problems with a license agreement may arise if its terms aren’t sufficiently clear or if a 3rd party violates them. A software license violation may also happen if copyrighted materials are used in violation of the copyright holder’s rights.

Electronic Rights

When it comes to electronic rights, they are usually found in publishing agreements with authors. Before undertaking a transaction, publishers & authors should familiarize themselves with the terms of such contracts to make sure that they all agree to the terms specified therein. If one of them or a 3rd party decides to violate their conditions by publishing, printing, distributing, advertising a creative work, it may entail all kinds of legal problems. Percentage of royalties should also be carefully considered to avoid any issues in the future.

Technology Law and Your Business

Even if a company exercises extreme caution & has stringent procedures in place reducing the probability of data leakage or theft, it is impossible to fully rule out the occurrence of such events. Lawsuits related to technology most often center around loss of data, breaching of terms of use, data theft, source code misuse, and web page collection. Knowing how to ensure safety of your company is absolutely critical to its success of failure in the future.

Use OFP Law for More Information

Laws are continuing to lag behind modern technology, which makes it difficult for technology companies to deal with lawsuits related to intellectual property protection. If you encounter legal difficulties related to technology, it is imperative that you work with a lawyer who specializes in technology law. OFP Law has more information on technological legal services.

Legal Assistance

If you still have questions regarding the subject of this article, our lawyers will be happy to help you. They have extensive experience dealing with technology companies. If you want to protect your intellectual property, obtain a software license or get professional assistance in litigation, please contact IQ Decision UK.