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In the field of intellectual property, IP protection in the US or EU is the first thing IP owners should take care about. By applying for TM registration in the EU or US, they can protect their name, logo, or, in some cases, the shape of their product. A brand isn't just about getting customers to try one’s products or make repeat purchases. TM registration in Europe or America can be a powerful tool for discouraging competitors from copying one’s brand. Registering a trademark in Europe, Asia, Africa or America also helps prevent competitors from using the same or similar mark on products, thus confusing customers. Trademark registration in the EU or US can also be a useful tool in promoting your product on social media, recovering your domain name, and preventing the import of counterfeit products.

How to Choose the Right Brand Name

Choosing a trademark is not an easy task, but it will help to avoid difficulties when launching a new product and protecting TM rights in Europe and America. It is important to note that your mark should not describe your products or look like your competitor's mark. A trademark that directly describes your product or its characteristics cannot be registered. Invented words or words that aren’t relevant to your product must be avoided; a good example of that is the name of a fruit used in electronic products.

Searching for a TM can help you figure out if someone is using the mark you’re interested in. It can also help you avoid any possible litigation until you apply for a trademark in the EU or US or launch your product.

Registering a TM in Europe, Latin America, Africa or Asia gives its owner a legal right to TM protection. It also means that other companies cannot claim their brand, and that it will be valid for 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely.


Patents are another interesting area of ​​intellectual property. If you’ve developed a packaging for a new product with an innovative function, solved a technical problem or implemented a new technological process, you can apply for a patent in the EU or US. A patent can give you a competitive edge, while putting your competitors at a disadvantage.

In addition to registered rights, there’s also unregistered rights that help one protect IP in Europe or the US. If your product has a familiar look and feel, you can stop other companies from replicating it. Non-registered design rights also protect the shape & configuration of objects and provide copy protection in Great Britain or the EU for 10 years after the first sale. Copyright, which allows you to prevent the copying of your artworks and written material, also arises automatically.

Please, keep in mind that obtaining protection of intellectual property in Europe or America requires registration. IQ Decision UK can provide you with assistance in registering IP in any jurisdiction of your choice.