Получение лицензии: что нужно знать

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Why do you need to register your trademark? We would like to remind you that registration of your trademark is some sort of protection against unfair competition. There is no guarantee that another company will not be using your trademark to promote the sale of its goods or services. But if your trademark is duly registered, you can effectively safeguard your legitimate rights and interests through the competent national or international judicial authorities. In this case, the court would definitely side with you.

We are of the strong opinion that the best time to properly register your trademark is the initial period of your business activities following your company formation and incorporation. We believe it would be the appropriate timing, since there is always a risk that someone else could start using your trademark after you put a lot of efforts into promoting your product and invested a substantial amount of money in your enterprise.

You either will have to forfeit your rights for further use of your trademark, or in the worst-case scenario you will be sued by the lawful owner of the trademark.

Therefore, we urge you to contact qualified legal specialists in due course to protect your legitimate rights and your potential profits, and avoid possible financial losses.

Our services include:

  • Legal advisory services on TM registration process;
  • Trademark clearance and risk assessment;
  • Assistance during the state trademark registration procedure;
  • Domestic and International (pursuant to the Madrid Protocol) trademark registration;
  • Regulatory compliance with the Nice Classification (NCL) and the USPTO system;
  • Assistance with TM application package;
  • Follow-up on trademark application until trademark certificate of registration is issued;
  • Legal support in dispute resolution.