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Registration of a trademark in the EU will allow your brand to become recognizable and will provide protection throughout its territory. The experts of our company propose to consider the option of registering a TM in Slovenia, which has signed many international trademark agreements. The main legislation governing trademarks in this country is the Industrial Property Law.

TM Protection in Slovenia

If you are planning to open a business in Slovenia and use an existing brand to promote your goods or services, then take into account that a mark unregistered in this country is protected in accordance with the Paris Convention. To avoid imitation or illegal use of your mark, you may seek its protection through legal proceedings under the Restriction of Competition Act.

The following trademarks are recognized in Slovenia:

  • national;
  • EU trademarks;
  • international.

Application for brand registration in Slovenia

If you nevertheless decide to register a TM in Slovenia, then applications for registration are accepted only from persons who are residents or who have a real operating industrial or commercial enterprise in the country.

An application for registration of a trademark must contain the following information and attachments:

  1. name and address of the applicant;
  2. list of related products or services;
  3. graphic representation of the mark;
  4. collective mark rules (if a collective mark is requested);
  5. receipt of payment of the registration fee;
  6. signed power of attorney (if the application is submitted through a representative).

How priority rights are claimed

The applicant can claim priority rights to be able to file a mark in another country. In order to qualify for priority rights, both countries must be members of the Paris Convention.

After successful registration, your brand is protected in the European Union for 10 years.


Trademarks may be licensed. The license can be exclusive or non-exclusive. The license can be entered into the register, but this is not officially required. To be legally binding, the license must be valid and comply with applicable laws.

Professional assistance

IQ Decision UK specialists will provide qualified assistance in the issue of TM registration in Europe. This includes the full cycle of trademark registration from filling out application forms to submitting it to the competent authorities. Filling out an application for ТМ registration is quite a complex process. In case of errors in the application, it may take a long time to correct them. Save your time using our friendly service.

Successful registration results in a certificate of registration of TM in the EU confirming the legality of your activity under the assigned brand.