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Normally, conducting an M&A transaction in the Caymans involves formation of a company in the Cayman Islands for the purpose of merging with another company. The process is initiated by investors willing to provide funds for financing an M&A deal in the Caymans,  managers/founders of listed entities or subsidiaries thereof.

After performing DD of an M&A deal in the Caymans & giving their consent, purchasers must get the approval of a target company’s BoD & stakeholders. That, in turn, requires appointing a special committee of independent directors responsible for looking into proposed terms & negotiating on a target company’s  behalf. 


The aforementioned committee is responsible for:

  • analyzing an M&A deal in the Caymans;
  • negotiating & concluding an M&A agreement in the Caymans;
  • identifying alternatives to acquisition of a company in the Caymans;
  • negotiating any AML agreements;
  • informing a BoD about any proposals for acquiring a company in the Cayman Islands.

BoD’s Role

BoD members are to endorse the terms of an upcoming deal. For that to happen, they’ll have to be provided with information on:

  • what is going to happen to the stakes of each company participating in the deal (whether they’ll be converted into new stakes or other property);
  • which restrictions & rights are going to be assigned to stakes of a newly formed company;
  • how an AoA & Memorandum of a newly formed company are going to change;
  • how BoD members are going to be compensated.


Each of the companies participating in conclusion of an M&A deal in the Caymans must get the approval of their respective stakeholders. The latter, who have a right to be informed of the details of an upcoming deal & take part in a GM, must endorse a plan of an upcoming deal with a two-thirds vote.

Also, approval of lenders holding floating- or fixed-rate securities must be obtained. Apart from that, companies participating in a deal must get the endorsement of the relevantly authorised regulators. 

Registering a Company in the Caymans: Documentation 

Once the required permits are obtained, directors of companies participating in a deal must sign a merger plan on their behalf. Following that, the plan must be submitted to the Register of Companies which will then register a company in the Caymans & issue a merger certificate.

Unless a later date is stated, the date on which the deal will take effect is specified in the Merger Plan.


Should stakeholders of companies participating in a deal disagree with its terms, they’re entitled to sell shares at a fair price. The price can be negotiated between parties to a deal or set by a Caymanese court.

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