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The selection of the right jurisdiction is a very important step that should be carefully thought through and well-considered. While selecting the best place for your business, you need to take into account a myriad of factors among which are peculiarities of a legal system in a foreign country, a traditional mindset of a local population, and overall political and economic trends that will determine the country of your choice future development. If you fail to address in sufficient depth the entire range of critical issues, you are at risk of facing a lot of problems instead of running a healthy and prosperous international company abroad.

There are three main issues that you should focus on initially prior to expanding your business overseas:

  • Tax system;
  • Operational costs;
  • Country image
IQ Decision UK attorneys are well aware of all nuances and legal pitfalls you may encounter on your way of setting up a successful business abroad. Taking your company global requires professional assistance on the part of experienced lawyers, who perfectly know their way around in various jurisdictions throughout the world. IQ Decision UK legal team will provide you with full legal support related to incorporation services, business banking activities, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in the jurisdiction of your choice.