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When choosing where to register a company - in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia - entrepreneurs are interested, firstly, in the international relations of the jurisdiction, and secondly - the regulatory framework. 

IQ Decision UK specialists purposefully delve into the legal framework of all jurisdictions available for business start-ups and all updates, help with both consulting and full support of the business process at all stages, such as company registration, merger or acquisition, purchase of a ready-made company, closure with relocation to another jurisdiction and in the resolution of pre-trial proceedings between companies (mediation). 

The main value of business consulting in all these cases is the opportunity to use the rich experience of companies at all stages of development and in all jurisdictions of the world, which our specialists have received in the course of intensive work.

Our mission is to provide business consulting for businesses

The object of business consulting is the management of the existing or planned enterprise: the board of directors, investors, beneficiaries, top managers. The purpose of business consulting is to help achieve the goal of the company's management. In some cases, we offer strong candidates for resident directors in jurisdictions where required, for example, to register a company in Switzerland.

In a broad sense, business consulting covers the areas in which our legal advisors work:

  • Building international business relations;
  • Legal advice;
  • Information security consulting;
  • Business plan evaluation and analysis.

Advantages of business consulting:

  • Competent laying of the company's foundation;
  • Operational modernization of the company;
  • Breaking business stereotypes;
  • Opening new branches of development for the company;
  • Understanding how to gain a competitive advantage;
  • Effective planning;
  • Consulting at the stage of company registration or transformation;
  • Quick and direct receipt of important information that might influence business decisions.

The highly qualified and experienced specialists of our company will provide you with confidence in building the right business relationship and at any stage will help to coordinate the business so that it grows rapidly. You can make an appointment for a business consultation by calling the numbers listed in the ‘Contacts’ section or by filling out the feedback form below.