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Switzerland is ranked 33rd for ease of doing business & 19th for ease of taxation. The Swiss economy, the main sectors of which are manufacturing & trade, is deservedly called one of the most stable in the world.

The Swiss business environment is extremely favorable for entrepreneurs seeking to open a business in Switzerland. Each of Switzerland’s 26 cantons (administrative & territorial units) can provide them with its own advantages, which are guaranteed at the federal level. The country’s tax system is extremely business-friendly & provides incentives for attracting foreign investments.

Switzerland has a first-class infrastructure & a highly skilled workforce. The Swiss franc is very stable and, therefore, used as a reserve currency.


Switzerland is considered a country with one of the highest tax rates. The corporate tax rate (13%) differs from one canton to another. The most business-friendly cantons are the ones located in central Switzerland (e.g. Zug & Zurich). Switzerland has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU (second only to Ireland & Cyprus). It also provides tax breaks for holding, pre-owned, mixed & service companies.

Those seeking to open a company in Switzerland will have to pay the following taxes:

  • real estate assessment tax (up to 5%);
  • social security tax for workers (12%);
  • VAT (up to 7.7%);
  • inheritance tax (excluding Zug);
  • wealth tax is (1.5%).

Switzerland has signed agreements on the avoidance of double taxation with many countries of the world.

Company Registration in Switzerland: Requirements

Those considering registering a company in Switzerland can choose from one the following organizational & legal forms:

  • GmbH;
  • AG;
  • Einzelfirma;
  • Kollektivgesellschaft;
  • Kommanditgesellschaft;
  • Genossenschaft;
  • branch.

Please note that the 2 most popular organizational & legal forms are GmbH & AG.

What Does it Take to Register a Company in Switzerland?

Those seeking to register a Swiss company must:

  • choose a name for your company (must be different from already registered ones & indicate a company’s legal form; mustn’t contain any prohibited words);
  • conclude an agreement between its founders (for registering a GmbH in Switzerland) ;
  • deposit funds into a bank account ;
  • submit documents to the register of companies (after a positive decision, applicants receive  a certificate of registration);
  • have a registered office;
  • have no less than one director (resident) & one shareholder. 

Normally, registering a Swiss company takes up to 2 weeks.

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