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Registering a company in Ajman Media City (AMC)

Through the enrollment of an organization in the Ajman Media City (AMC) Free Zone , UAE offers a unique business climate. The Emirate of AMC is notable for its proactive method for managing developing media , inventive, and high level associations. A major free zone in the area called AMC makes it easier for businesses and business visionaries to settle in and continue working there. By providing a variety of operating permits and adaptable organizational structures, AMC specifically caters to the various requirements of new businesses, consultants, small and medium-sized enterprises, and global partnerships. This introduction focuses on AMC's strategic location, business-friendly policies, and dedication to encouraging media and creative industry innovation and expansion. It likewise fills in as a beginning stage for grasping the open valuable doors and advantages of organization enlistment there.

 How to register a company in AMC

There are a few stages you want to take to enlist your business in the AMC as follows:

  1. Choose the particular business function you wish to engage in.
  2. Pick the best business structure for your organization.
  3. Collect essential documents.
  4. Follow the expense plan provided by the AMC Free Zone Authority.
  5. The free zone authority will conduct a survey on your application.
  6.  Apply for visa through the necessary authorities involved.
  7. Open a corporate record with a bank of your choice inside the UAE.

Benefits of company registration with AMC

The most important advantages are as follows: 

  • The company can operate without the need for a local partner or sponsor.
  • Availability of tax benefits, such as exemptions from customs duties.
  • It allows business people to pursue a different ventures.
  • It provides strategic proximity to Dubai and Sharjah, allowing access to important markets in the UAE and the Gulf region.
  • The office spaces, studios, production facilities, and coworking spaces are among the cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities
  • It is proficient and direct, with smoothed out strategies, online administrations, and devoted help from the free zone authority.
  • It gives a scope of help administrations to help organizations with permitting, licenses, visas, legitimate guidance, and business counseling, guaranteeing a smooth arrangement and activity process.
  • It organizes seminars, conferences, and networking events that allow businesses to meet peers in their field, potential partners, investors, and government officials, thereby fostering growth and collaboration.
  • It offers adaptability in organization structures, rent terms, visa shares, and business exercises, empowering organizations to adjust and scale as per their advancing requirements and economic situations.
  • It aims to cultivate an ecosystem driven by innovation through collaboration, creativity, and entrepreneurship within the media industry.

Types of companies in AMC

  1. Free Zone Establishment (FZE) 
  2. Free Zone Company (FZC)

In the AMC Free Zone, what constitutes a free zone establishment and free zone company is as follows:

  • As suggested by its name, a Singular Undertaking is exclusively possessed and overseen by a solitary person.
  • Inside AMC Free Zone, a Singular Undertaking works as an autonomous lawful substance, giving the proprietor restricted obligation insurance.
  • Individuals can participate in a variety of business activities that are approved by the free zone authority.
  • Laying out a Singular Undertaking offers adaptability to business visionaries who favor working freely without the association of accomplices or investors.
  • Submit passport, proof of address, and business plan.
  • AMC Free Zone stretches out help administrations to help people in setting up and dealing with their Singular Endeavors.
  •  Laying out a Singular Endeavor in AMC Free Zone frequently demonstrates practicality in contrast with other organization structures, as it includes less conventions and doesn't require the contribution of extra investors or accomplices.

Individuals in AMC Free Zone have the option of establishing a FZC, a multi-owner business. 

In general, forming a FZC)in the AMC Free Zone gives individuals and organizations the chance to work together and invest jointly in ventures in the digital, creative, and media industries. It provides a structured framework for shared ownership and management, encouraging development and success in a business environment that is supportive.


Delving deeper into the idea of establishing branches in the AMC, particularly focusing on the UAE, presents numerous strategic benefits for multinational corporations aiming to cement their presence in the region. Branches act as vital channels through which these corporations can seamlessly extend their activities into new areas while leveraging the familiarity and know-how of their parent organization.

One of the primary advantages of setting up branches is the opportunity to tap into the growing market prospects of the UAE and the broader AMC region. With its vibrant economy, strategic geographical position, and robust infrastructure, the UAE serves as a gateway for enterprises seeking access not only to local consumers but also to adjacent markets across the Middle East and beyond. Establishing branches allows companies to strategically position themselves to seize these opportunities and expand their market outreach.

Moreover, branches provide a practical solution for navigating the regulatory framework and cultural intricacies inherent in operating in a foreign market. By establishing a physical presence in the UAE, companies can build local credibility and forge relationships with key stakeholders, including governmental bodies, suppliers, and clients. This localized approach not only facilitates smoother compliance with regulations but also deepens the company's understanding of market dynamics and consumer preferences, enabling the implementation of more focused and efficient business strategies.

From a logistical perspective, branches offer a framework for efficient management and coordination between the central office and the local unit. Through transparent communication channels and reporting mechanisms, companies can ensure alignment with overarching business goals while empowering local teams to adapt to regional market dynamics and seize emerging opportunities. This collaboration between the parent company and its branches enhances operational efficiency and flexibility, enabling companies to respond promptly to market shifts and maintain a competitive advantage.

Furthermore, establishing branches can enhance the company's brand visibility and reputation in the region. By demonstrating a commitment to local engagement and investment, companies can foster trust and loyalty among customers, partners, and communities, thereby reinforcing their competitive standing and facilitating long-term growth.

In summary, branches serve as strategic facilitators for multinational corporations seeking to broaden their presence in the AMC region. By harnessing the advantages of local expertise, market intelligence, and operational efficiency, companies can navigate the complexities of foreign markets confidently and capitalize on the abundant growth opportunities available.

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Application process for company registration and obtaining license (permit)

The technique for enrolling an organization and securing a permit in AMC ordinarily envelops a few phases, framed as follows:

  • Initial Request and Consultation: At first, people normally start contact with AMC or draw in with an ensured business consultancy to accumulate insights about accessible permit choices, reasonable business exercises, and related costs.
  • Select Permit Type: Following this, people select the most reasonable permit classification in light of their business activities. AMC offers a scope of licenses, including exchanging, administration, modern, independent, and web based business grants.
  • Document Preparation: In this manner, people assemble all fundamental reports vital for organization enrollment. These records frequently incorporate duplicates of investors' and chiefs' travel papers, visa documentation (if pertinent), proof of office address, bank references, and a field-tested strategy.
  • Application Submission: Finishing of the authority application structure given by AMC is the subsequent stage. Candidates should guarantee exact fruition of all necessary data and present the application structure close by supporting documentation to the important division at AMC.
  • Review and Approval: Submitted applications go through a careful survey process by AMC specialists. Authorities survey the application's culmination and check the submitted documentation.
  • Fee Payment: Upon fruitful audit and endorsement of the application, candidates get a receipt enumerating the enrollment and permit expenses. Installment directions given by AMC should be followed appropriately.
  • License Issuance: Following fruition of required installments and documentation, AMC gives the exchange permit alongside any extra allows or testaments vital for business tasks.

It's fundamental to recognize that particular prerequisites and strategies could shift relying upon elements, for example, business action type and company structure. Drawing in trustworthy business consultancies or legitimate firms acquainted with the enrollment cycle in AMC is prescribed to guarantee a smooth and productive enlistment experience.

Preparation and submission of application

The process for preparing and submitting an application for company registration in AMC involves several key steps to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. A comprehensive outline is as follows:

  1. Conduct a detailed investigation of AMC's permissible business activities, license options, requirements, and costs.
  2. Gather all required documentation as specified by AMC, typically including:
    • Copies of passports for shareholders, directors, and authorized signatories.
    • Copies of visas (if applicable) for relevant individuals.
    • Proof of the proposed office address in Ajman Media City.
    • Bank letters confirming financial stability.
    • A detailed business plan outlining the company's nature, goals, target audience, and financial projections.
  3. Obtain the official application form from AMC or authorized company representatives.
  4. Ensure all supporting documents are included and organized during a thorough review of the completed application form.
  5. Once all necessary documents are gathered and the application form is completed, submit the application package to the relevant office at AMC.
  6. After submission, your application undergoes a meticulous review by AMC specialists, who assess its completeness and verify the submitted documents.
  7. AMC officials may contact you during the review phase if additional information or documentation is required.
  8. Once your application is successfully reviewed and approved, you will receive an invoice for the registration and license fees.
  9. After paying the fees, you may need to sign legal documents, such as the Memorandum and Articles of Association (MOA), and any other agreements relevant to your company's structure and activities.
  10. Await confirmation from AMC regarding the approval of your company registration after completing all necessary steps and documents.

Presenting the essential documents

An overview of the required documentation can be found below:

  • Duplicates of travel papers for all investors, chiefs, and approved signatories engaged with the organization.
  • A copy of each shareholder, director, and authorized signatory's valid residency visa, particularly if any of them are not residents of the UAE.
  • A tenancy agreement, a utility bill, or any other official document confirming the proposed office address are examples of documentation validating the address.
  • Letters from the bank Letters from a bank affirming the monetary dependability and great remaining of both the investors and the organization.
  • A comprehensive business plan that describes the nature of the company, its goals, its target audience, its marketing strategies, its financial projections, and any other relevant information.
  • Drafted documents outlining the goals, share capital, management structure, and operational procedures of the company.
  • Application Form: Fruition of the authority application structure given by AMC, guaranteeing exact and careful arrangement of all expected data.
  • To verify their authenticity within the UAE, documents originating from outside the country may require legalization or attestation from the UAE embassy or consulate in that country.

Payment of duties

The payment of government fees and license fees is the next step in obtaining a business license from AMC after receiving confirmation of document acceptance. These installments can be helpfully made through secure internet based installment stages. The type of license and the service package selected both influence the total costs.

This stage addresses the monetary responsibility expected to lay out the business inside AMC's purview. The expenses cover different legislative charges connected with administrative consistency and functional permitting. Additionally, the selection of a particular service package, which may include additional benefits or services tailored to the requirements of the business, may have an effect on the total cost.

AMC facilitates a streamlined and convenient process for business owners by offering secure online payment options, removing the need for in-person visits to payment centers and accelerating the start of business activities. This computerized approach is in accordance with contemporary strategic policies, improving productivity and openness for planned entrepreneurs exploring the permitting system with AMC.

Process for Endorsement and Permit Issuance

After conducting a thorough survey and verifying the submitted documents, the candidate is notified of their endorsement. Once endorsed, Ajman Media City (AMC) issues the permit to operate to the candidate. Along with the business license, AMC may provide additional required registration documents. Depending on AMC's procedures, applicants generally receive their license and registration documents in electronic format or as hard copies.

The applicant acknowledges receipt of these documents and confirms their acceptance. The registered business entity may also need to fulfill additional requirements or responsibilities set by AMC.

Obtaining a visa at AMC

The visa application process in AMC includes a number of crucial steps. An outline of the typical procedure is as follows:

  • Prior to beginning the visa application interaction, people and organizations should guarantee they meet the qualification models laid out by AMC.
  • The necessary documentation must be submitted to the appropriate AMC department or authority before the visa application process can begin.
  • AMC's designated personnel or departments examine and authenticate the submitted documents following receipt of visa applications.
  • Based on their intended purpose of staying in the UAE, applicants must select the appropriate visa category.
  • The applicants are required to pay the applicable visa fees and processing fees once the visa application is approved.
  • Certain visa classifications require candidates to go through a clinical assessment at supported medical care offices.
  • Candidates may be subjected to specific security clearance procedures carried out by relevant government agencies.
  • The applicant will receive an entry permit from Ajman Media City once the visa application procedure is successfully completed.
  • To complete the visa stamping process, applicants must visit UAE immigration authorities or designated visa centers after the entry permit has been issued.
  • Individuals must complete the residency visa activation procedure within the allotted time frame after their visa has been stamped.
  • Visa holders are depended with the obligation of guaranteeing convenient reestablishment and adherence to visa guidelines all through their visit in the UAE.

By tirelessly following these means and sticking to the necessities and orders framed by Ajman Media City and UAE movement specialists, people can explore the visa cycle effectively and acquire the essential approval to dwell and work inside the ward.

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Service packages

Here is a summary of the main service packages offered by AMC, along with their costs:

Basic Package:
  •    This package includes essential services for setting up and running an organization.
  •    Cost: The cost for the Basic Package varies based on the duration and specific services included. It generally starts with a base rate, with additional fees for optional services.
Standard Package:
  •    The Standard Package provides a broader range of services compared to the Basic Package, including additional support for business operations.
  •    Cost: With its additional services and benefits, the Standard Package is priced higher than the Basic Package.
Premium Package:
  •    Designed for businesses seeking high-end services and personalized support, the Premium Package offers top-level assistance for operations.
  •    Cost: As the most extensive option, the Premium Package has the highest fee, reflecting its superior services and dedicated support.
Custom Packages:
  •    AMC also creates custom packages tailored to the specific needs and preferences of individual businesses.
  •    Cost: The pricing for custom packages varies based on the included services and any additional features requested by the client.
Service Extras:
  • AMC offers various additional services that can be added to any package for an extra fee. These include legal aid, document attestation, visa processing, office space rental, and more.
  • Cost: The pricing for these additional services depends on the nature and complexity of the service and is available upon request.

Tax system

  1. Exemption from Corporate Taxes: AMC gives an outstanding benefit by excluding organizations from corporate personal expense.
  2. Individual Annual Duty Exemption: Representatives working in AMC frequently appreciate exclusion from individual personal expense on their pay rates and wages.
  3. Exemption from Value Added Tax (VAT): Certain labor and products in AMC fit the bill for exception from Worth Added Assessment (Tank) under the UAE's expense system.
  4. Exemption from Customs Taxes: On certain imported goods, AMC provides customs duty exemptions or reduced tariffs.
  5. Benefits of a Free Zone: AMC provides additional incentives like 100% foreign ownership, full repatriation of profits and capital, and no currency restrictions as a designated free zone.
  6. Venture Incentives: In order to attract strategic investments in key sectors, AMC may provide investment incentives such as financial grants, subsidies, or discounts on land leases.
  7.  Protection of Intellectual Property: AMC keeps a hearty lawful structure for safeguarding protected innovation freedoms, including brand names, licenses, and copyrights.

Legal system

Here is a layout of the general set of laws in AMC:

  • The AMC Authority is the regulatory body in charge of monitoring and enforcing the local laws and regulations.
  • The UAE federal laws and the free zone's own rules make up AMC's legal structure.
  • AMC advocates for corporate administration standards pointed toward encouraging straightforwardness, responsibility, and moral lead in business undertakings.
  • The overall set of laws in AMC gives roads to settling questions that might emerge among partners, whether between organizations, people, or including the administrative power.
  • The legal framework in AMC places a high value on securing intellectual property rights, making it possible for individuals and businesses to safeguard trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property.
  • Contract law governs contractual agreements between parties, defining the rights, responsibilities, and enforceability of contracts forged in the jurisdiction.
  • To maintain the free zone's credibility and standing, AMC adheres to strict legal statutes, regulations, and licensing requirements.
  • Individuals and businesses in AMC have access to skilled attorneys or law firms that are familiar with UAE regulations and laws.

Opening a bank account


How to open a corporate account

Opening a corporate record in AMC expects adherence to administrative principles. The following is a layout of procedure:

  • Choose a bank in AMC that offers corporate banking services.
  • Prepare the necessary documentation for opening a company account. These regularly include:
    • Company incorporation papers
    • Memorandum and articles of association
    • Board resolution authorizing account creation
    • Identification documents for authorized signatories
    • Address confirmations for the organization and signatories
    • AMC permit to operate
    • Tax registration certificate (if applicable)
  • Plan a meeting with your picked bank to start the record opening interaction.
  • Complete the bank's corporate record application structure precisely, giving point by point data about your organization, investors, chiefs, and approved signatories.
  • The bank will look over the documents you've submitted and do due diligence checks to make sure your business is real and follows regulations.
  • Agreements, mandates, and signature cards, as well as other account opening documents, must be signed by authorized signatories following approval.
  • To activate the corporate account, make the initial deposit that the bank requires.
  • The bank will provide you with the account number and other pertinent banking information once the account is successfully opened and deposited.
  • Start using your company's bank account for things like receiving funds, making payments, and managing your finances.
  • Guarantee progressing adherence to banking guidelines and announcing prerequisites.

Submission of an application to the bank

The following is a guide for getting the application started:

  • Research and choose a bank offering corporate financial administrations in Ajman Media City.
  • Get in touch with the chosen bank to learn about the requirements and procedures for opening an account there.
  • In accordance with the bank's requirements, gather all necessary documents for opening a corporate account.
  • Set up a meeting to personally present your application at the bank's branch, if necessary.
  • Precisely finish up the financial balance's initial structure with all relevant insights concerning the organization, its investors, chiefs, and approved signatories.
  • Present the finished application structure alongside the expected reports to the bank, either face to face or through electronic means, sticking to their favored accommodation technique.
  • Your application and supporting documents will be scrutinized by the bank to ensure compliance with their internal policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Keep up with correspondence with the bank to screen the application's advancement.
  • The bank will notify you and provide instructions for activating the account once it has been approved.
  • After effective record initiation, the bank will outfit you with significant record points of interest, including the record number and appropriate financial data.



Bank verification and approval

The bank's verification and approval stages are crucial to the process of opening a corporate account in Ajman Media City (AMC).

  • The verification process begins when the required documents and application form are sent to the bank.
  • The provided documents are carefully reviewed by bank staff to ensure compliance with both internal bank procedures and regulatory requirements.
  • The bank embraces a reasonable level of investment strategies to verify the personality of the organization and its approved signatories.
  • Banks may look at a company's financial situation to see if it can keep the account open and do banking business.
  • The bank leads a careful survey of the application to affirm adherence to hostile to anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) guidelines.
  • Drawing upon the results of the check and a reasonable level of effort processes, the bank arrives at a choice in regards to the endorsement of the record.
  • The bank notifies the business and provides instructions for activating the account if the application satisfies the requirements for approval.
  • When the organization satisfies all essentials framed by the bank, the record is enacted, bearing the cost of the organization admittance to banking administrations.
  • The bank may choose to reject the application if it does not meet the bank's requirements or if it raises concerns about compliance with regulatory standards.
  • If the application is turned down, the business may be able to appeal the decision or take steps to fix the problems it found in accordance with the bank's instructions.

Additional services

Banks provide a range of credit options, including overdrafts, credit lines, and term loans, to support organizations in financing their growth plans. They aid in international trade by offering trade finance solutions. Banks help businesses improve cash flow management. They provide treasury services to assist organizations in managing risks associated with foreign exchange, interest rates, and liquidity. Banks enable businesses to accept various payment methods from customers. They offer wealth management services to both high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients. Banks provide strategic advice and support in corporate matters such as capital raising, restructuring, and financial planning. They collaborate with insurance providers to offer products like property, liability, employee benefits, and trade credit insurance. Banks deliver digital banking solutions, including online platforms, mobile apps, and electronic payment services. They customize their services for specific industries, such as real estate, healthcare, project financing, and Islamic banking, in accordance with Sharia principles.

Popular Banks

The following are a few well-known banks in AMC:

Emirates NBD:

It offers a wide range of corporate banking services.


This prominent financial institution in the United Arab Emirates provides trade finance, current accounts, loans, cash management services, and other corporate banking services.


The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah (RAKBANK) conveys far reaching corporate financial administrations.


This Sharia-compliant Islamic bank provides a variety of Islamic banking products and services.

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB):

DIB is the first Islamic bank in the world to offer Sharia-compliant banking services.

Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD):

CBD is a noticeable UAE bank offering corporate financial administrations.

UNB (Union National Bank):

AMC companies can take advantage of a variety of corporate banking services provided by UNB.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB):

ADCB is a recognized financial establishment in the UAE, giving corporate financial arrangements.


AMC offers one of a kind advantages including tax reductions, adaptability in picking the sort of organization, simplicity of enrollment process and the capacity for non-occupants to have unlimited authority over the business.

Businesses benefit from the AMC legal system's stability and transparency, and trademark and patent registration safeguards the company's brand and intellectual property.

AMC's extensive network of domestic and international financial institutions makes it simple to open a business account. Companies that are registered with AMC are guaranteed to have quick and easy financial transactions as a result of this.

In general, AMC is a dynamic economic zone with numerous growth and development opportunities for businesses. In this strategically important region, businesses and entrepreneurs can successfully operate and expand their operations with the right approach and knowledge of local requirements.