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Business Advisory Services

It is necessary to form an economic environment that is adequate to the effective functioning of a market economy, the defining element of which is the market infrastructure. Such infrastructure is an interconnected system of enterprises and organizations that serve the facilitation of movements of commodities, services, money, securities, workforce, and provide a significant acceleration to their turnover.

Advising is a type of professional, intellectual services provided to corporate clients interested in optimizing their businesses, associated with solving complex problems of an enterprise in the field of management and organizational development.

Professional lawyers and advisors from IQ Decision UK will provide you with expert advice and legal support in the following areas:

  • External and internal financial and economic analysis of the enterprise, business valuation, document flow optimization;
  • Planning and optimization of the organization’s tax policy, legal protection in tax disputes, development of projects for building a business taxation system, streamlining and harmonization of a management policy;
  • Permanent monitoring and timely response to changes in the laws of various countries, legal information support, registration of new and sale of operating companies, optimization of the contractual policy of the enterprise, development of internal documents of the organization;
  • Adjusting the company's development course, reforming the structure of the enterprise, identifying the causes of stagnation and implementing anti-crisis transformations, developing business plans for investment and commercial projects, and organizing a system of current financial and economic planning.

Advisory activity includes the analysis of existing business processes, the rationale for the prospects for the development and use of scientific, technical, organizational and economic innovations, taking into account the subject area and characteristics of the client's business.

IQ Decision UK advisors provide support in the following areas of advisory services:

  • Management Advising
  • Investment Guidance
  • Personnel Advising
  • Legal Counseling
  • Stock Advising
  • Auditing
  • Organization Security
  • Advertising and Public Relations

The European Federation of Management Consultancies Association (FEACO) divides advisory services into eight types:

  1. Advising on general management, i.e. assistance in solving problems related to the very existence of the object of consulting and the prospects for its development.
  2. Advising on administration includes consideration of issues on the formation and registration of companies; organization of the business activities; data processing; administrative control system, etc. The main task is to optimize the management of the organization.
  3. Advising on financial management is aimed at assisting in solving the following main tasks: search for sources of financial resources; assessment and improvement of the current financial performance of the organization; strengthening the financial position of the company for the future.
  4. Advising on personnel management. Advisors develop solutions for staff selection, personnel management, wage systems, staff development and personnel management, occupational safety and the psychological climate in the team.
  5. Marketing guidance is associated with assisting in solving a vital task for any enterprise operating in a market economy, namely ensuring such conditions for company’s operation that would allow translating its products and services into an effective demand.
  6. Advising on the organization of production. Consultants, combining knowledge of economic, managerial and engineering issues, assist managers in solving such problems as the choice of production technology, stimulation of labor productivity, product quality assessment and control, production cost analysis, production planning, use of equipment and materials, product design or improvement , job evaluation, etc.
  7. Advising on information technologies. Consultants are engaged in the development of recommendations for the introduction of computer-aided design (CAD) and automated control systems (ACS), information retrieval systems, the use of computers in accounting and other quantitative methods for assessing the activities of the enterprise.
  8. Specialized advisory services. These are the types of recommendations that do not belong to any of the seven groups described above. They differ from them either in methods (training counseling) or in facilities (advising on power management, on telecommunications, on ecology, consulting in the public sector, appraisal consulting, advising on small business), or in the nature of the knowledge being introduced (engineering consulting, legal counseling).

Incorporation/Company Structure Advising

If you want to open a company, lawyers from IQ Decision UK will help you to do the following:

  • To clarify all legal requirements and restrictions in the country of your citizenship and residence for the establishment of a company abroad;
  • To decide on jurisdiction;
  • To decide on the legal form of your business;
  • To determine the structure of the company

The criterion of the effectiveness of the organizational structure of the enterprise is the complete and sustainable achievement of the intended goals.

The process of forming an organizational structure includes:

  • Explicit articulation of the goals and objectives of the company;
  • Establishment of goals and objectives of units;
  • Development of regulations of activity;
  • Development of business processes;
  • Development of the composition of units and unit interaction order;
  • Calculation of the projected number of units;
  • Calculation of management costs;
  • Implementation of performance indicators

Banking Advisory Services

Specialists from IQ Decision UK open bank accounts around the world for their corporate and private clients after detailed advising on legal issues in the international banking sector. We harmoniously and efficiently combine the practical goals of our clients with the requirements of international banking institutions.

The practice of opening personal and corporate accounts in reliable foreign banks is quite common among companies and individuals. In the case when it is necessary to open an account in a foreign bank, two substantial issues should be taken into account:

  • The legislation of the country which the person opening the account in a foreign bank is a citizen of;
  • The legislation of the country in which the account is to be opened. When opening a private or corporate account, a foreign bank will be guided solely by the legislation of the country which authorized its banking activities.
We will be glad to advise you on how to use accounts opened in foreign banks and on the restrictions associated with their practical use. This issue is particularly relevant due to the fact that a violation of the use of a foreign bank account, in particular, transfer of funds to such account that is not expressly provided by currency legislation entails substantial fines of up to 100% of the amount of an illegal transaction.

IQ Decision UK specialists are professionally competent to hold advisory sessions on the issues of taxation of individuals and the obligation to declare income credited to foreign accounts. We will also be of great help if you need to analyze the possibility of applying the provisions of the relevant double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAs).

Tax Advisory Services

IQ Decision UK lawyers will provide you with a profound and inclusive legal and economic analysis of the problem issue, as well as provide you with comprehensive advice on taxation in various countries around the world.

Our lawyers will help you with:

  • Selection of the optimal tax system for legal entities and individuals – entrepreneurs;
  • Reduction of tax burden;
  • Tax planning and tax optimization;
  • Tax risks and burdens in connection with the choice of a particular type of activity;
  • Issues of deferral and installment payment of tax liabilities

IQ Decision UK provides two types of tax advising:

  • Individual tax advising: an explanation provided to a specific taxpayer. It may concern the practical use of specific norms of international tax legislation.
  • Summarizing tax advisory service: an explanation of the position of the central tax executive authority of various countries that ensuring the formation and implementation of state financial policy regarding the practice of using certain norms of tax legislation established by the results of summarizing individual tax consultations.

Offshore Advisory Services

IQ Decision UK lawyers provide professional legal advice on the following aspects related to offshore activities:

  • Selection of offshore jurisdiction: the territory providing more favorable conditions for financial and economic activities for entities engaged in commercial activities to make profits outside the territory of their main registration;
  • Examining tax privileges and tax concessions for an offshore economic entity;
  • Offshoring: Intra-Corporate Offshoring & Offshore Outsourcing

In order for an offshore to function in full capacity in another country, the existence of a double taxation avoidance agreement between the country where the company is registered and the state where the offshore company intends to operate is a must.

Offshore zones are financial centers that contribute greatly to the formation of a flexible investment policy of an economic entity. Offshore zones are not just a way to avoid high taxation, but also the basis for business security and stability.

Investment Advisory Services

Lawyers from IQ Decision UK will advise you on the development of investment concepts for profitable investment of your funds in the following areas of economies of different countries:

  • Natural resource base;
  • Oil and gas industry;
  • Agricultural production;
  • Innovative technologies;
  • Import-substituting industries;
  • Financial & banking sector;
  • Real estate transactions;
  • Healthcare development

Our experts from IQ Decision UK will advise you on:

  • Trends in the structure of production in other countries with similar levels of socio-economic development and comparable resources;
  • Needs that have already arisen or may arise in consumer industries within the framework of the global economy;
  • Plans to increase production in consumer industries or growing demand in the world market for products already produced;
  • Opportunities to diversify production on a single raw material base;
  • The rationality of increasing the scale of production for the sake of cost savings in mass production of products;
  • General macro and micro economic trends and conditions.