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To succeed in business today and have the capacity to overcome the setbacks that is part and parcel of every challenging undertaking, you should take into account an array of factors that encompass the scope of your professional practice, types of organizational structure, proper venue selection, and legally sound rapport with your partners. Your personal motivation and incessant hard work are the sole keystones to your success. Nonetheless, we might be of immense help to you in:

  • - Providing cost-effective solutions;
  • - Advising on selection of favorable jurisdictions;
  • - Registering a newly set-up company in a chosen jurisdiction;
  • - Providing legal support to ICO fundraising;
  • - Assisting with meeting regulatory compliance requirements;
  • - Advising on your eligibility with regard to various types of bank accounts;
  • - Answering your queries related to the existing law in the financial sector of the world economy.

Please contact us by mail or by phone to start developing a mutually beneficial cooperation based on trust and respect. We will promptly reply to all your enquiries in detail after a careful consideration of your needs and preferences. Thank you.

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  • Sadovnicheskaya Str., 14, Building - 2, MOSCOW, 115035
  • +7 958 581 52 95
  • +7 925 470 50 02 (Messengers)